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In these times there has been a new trend in the development of companies and has been the result of the increasingly rapid changes in the environment itself. Re-engineering systems is to provide a model for new changes in the method of operation thereof.



  • Reengineering is the number one initiative taken senior executives to achieve their strategic goals.
  • The competition, profitability and market share are the questions most frequently mentioned senior executives to appeal process reengineering.
  • Most executives expect to see results for process reengineering in a year or less.
  • Nearly half of executives call for a re-engineering program can affect at least 10 percent of their income or expenses; nearly 90 percent of executives appealed to reengineering if it will affect 25 percent of income or expense.
  • The business goals such as increased profitability, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue, are more important for executives in the reengineering process goals such as increasing the accuracy and speed.


Reengineering business

One of the major problems in analyzing the profitability of the company.

One of the most effective solutions is to plan and implement changes, which today is called "reengineering". To do it you have to know not only the company but also the market, the world, the economy, technology, competitors and politics. Globalization and rapid technological change, make it not possible to do one, you need expert professional staff at work, industrial and economic engineering, marketing, all different kinds of technologies.


  • Increase ability to compete in the market by reducing costs,
  • It applies equally to the production of goods or the provision of services,
  • The market economy is the force that motivates most often the reengineering
  • Methods of administration and engineering must keep pace with the new demands of the market,
  • Provide new and improved processes,
  • Implement the reengineering of all business processes.


Business Reengineering is the answer, Infotel Group is the Solution.


Reengineering Telecommunications

Rapid technological advances and inatajables accompanied by liberalization and deregulations are generating real revolutions in the various telecommunications services, which have been taken by assault several subsectors.

For less well defined and delimited services such as basic telephony, domestic and international long distance, mobile phone, television, radio, among the most profitable of all, things have begun to change.

The digitization and compression of all possible content (voice, text, graphics, animation, video, audio, photography), and in general, "data" or information of any kind, are blurring the traditional boundaries between these. In the almost present, only be possible distinctions for the final service being used. Surely, though, distinctions are no longer necessary, because there will be only one final product, moving through the different telecommunications networks: Interactive Multimedia.


Telecommunications Reengineering is the answer, Infotel Group is the Solution.


Reengineering Teleinformática

The application of this technology in order to improve the operation, was considered generally in reengineering projects, since, in practice, these projects examine business processes which frequently discover new and better applications for computers and technology. Also, reengineering particular can relate, directly, the use of technology with business processes. Therefore it is only logical that the information technology is used to contribute to the reengineering effort, but if you consider that this novel approach emphasizes the use of automated models of business processes and automated tools that positioning support.

The information technology is a factor at all levels of change model and the support of today's technology and the design of an overall architecture of corporate information is located at the level of positioning; requirements for new computer systems are developed in the reengineering; buying and programming new systems in the infrastructure, and implemented in operations and implementation.


Teleinformática Reengineering is the answer, Infotel Group is the Solution.


Reengineering Applied to Human Resources

The human factor can not be secondary to any other factor in a company. The success of a company depends on the performance of their workers. Reengineering should go to work if the business is based on the performance level. The reengineering process may even depend more on the performance of each one, if it is designed to achieve a more efficient process than the previous business.

Using action research and organizational development produced some surprising triumphs, the development of the organization is stretching the definition of work complete. The latest methods of quality improvement is not based on the approaches of industrial engineering but on the ideas of organizational development.


Reengineering Human Resources Development is the answer, Infotel Group is the Solution.


Why we are the solution?

Because Infotel Group is the most qualified to perform this complex study Business. Infotel Group has experience in the field, developing large projects, some of them gerenciados for us. Work have a lot of equipment and you have to do it together, so it is essential to full cooperation between you Customer and Infotel Group.


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